DoubleVerify presents at the AdMonsters OPS conference

On Thurs, Sept. 30th, I addressed the AdMonsters OPS conference in a session entitled, DoubleVerify – How to Make Verification Work for You.

Verification has become a burning topic recently for all players in online advertising from agencies to publishers, platforms and networks. It has been applauded and hated, but the reality is that verification when integrated properly is the catalyst for driving brand dollars online.

“For publishers and networks, this is a clarion call of a significant change in how media is bought and sold. Media sellers should expect agencies to modify insertion orders to use verification systems to determine what agencies will and won’t pay for. If this grows in practice, media sellers will be held accountable by third parties for the impressions they deliver.”


In “How to Make Verification Work for You” my goal is to educate everyone on the why and how verification has become such a critical component of the online ecosystem; and share best practices on how it can specifically support publishers as the grapple with both the challenges and opportunity online verification brings.

Online Ad Spend Disproportionate to Audience Time SpentCurrently ad spend online compared to actual time spent is still disproportionately lower than all other forms of media. Agencies as well as brands are demanding more transparency and accountability to ensure brand safety, and are willing to shift spend online for premium display platforms that verify the details of their advertising campaigns.

Justifying this shift of brand dollars from offline to online is the continuing goal of everyone in the industry. During our session we will discuss best practices in helping publishers and networks:

  • Expand Inventory & Increase CPM’s
  • Improve Performance
  • Simplify Operations
  • Promote the Premium

This allows you to harness the opportunity that is verification.

If you are interested in verification or want to learn more, feel free to contact us or comment on this post.

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