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Should Your Ad Be OBA Compliant?

According to the program’s official OBA definition, many commonly utilized online marketing strategies inculding re-targeting, frequency capping and any other methods that use user data collected by cookies are subject to the OBA self-regulatory program. This means that an overwhelming majority-almost 80%-of online ad impressions are considered OBA and must be compliant with the OBA regulations.  On the other hand, there are still a few conditions that the OBA principals do not include:

  • Activities of First Parties (Web site publishers / operators) which are limited to their own sites or affiliated sites over which they exercise direct control.
  • Contextual advertising, which is advertising based on the content of the Web page being visited, a consumer’s current visit to a Web page, or a search query.
  • Ad reporting, the collection or use of information for statistical reporting, Web analytics/analysis and advertising metrics.
  • Ad delivery, the distribution or delivery of online advertisements or advertising-related services using Ad Reporting data and not based on user preferences inferred from information collected over time and across nonaffiliated Web sites.

If your ads are among the 80% of impressions considered OBA, below are the requirements asked of you in order to be compliant. 

  • Inform consumers about data practices through clear, meaningful and prominent notices
  • Display the Advertising Option Icon
  • Prove disclosure on data collection practices
  • Provide method for users to opt out
  • Provide evidence of compliance

And What Does This Mean For You? 

For your ads: 

  • All behaviorally targeted ads must display the icon
  • If one player in the chain of passing an impression captures user data to behaviorally target the ad, that ad must display the icon.
  • User must be able to opt-out of behaviorally targeting

For your sites: 

  • All sites that allow third parties to deliver ads to their users must display the icon on site pages
  • Users must be able to opt-out of behavioral targeting

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