Verified 300 Billion Impressions!

DoubleVerify is thrilled to announce that we verified over 300 BILLION impressions in 2010! As the leader in online media verification and compliance, DoubleVerify currently averages 35 billion impressions every month and has achieved 8 times more revenue than the previous year. Up from less than 20 employees in early 2010, DoubleVerify is now going strong with a team of more than 100. 

Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify, attributes this growth to “how verification is being utilized by the biggest advertisers, publishers and ad technology companies in the world — and for good reason. Many advertisers are implementing verification across their entire online media spend because they find that having the ability to track and guarantee compliance in their campaigns is priceless. The growth potential of online advertising is unlimited and DoubleVerify’s mission is to continue to progress with its partners to increase accountability and transparency across the ecosystem.”

Check out the article released today in Marketwire to read more about DoubleVerify’s recent growth and our plans for 2011.

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