Watch how Compliance & Accountability Bring Trust, ROI and Dollars to Online Advertising

We’re often asked the question how does verification work, what’s the end goal and how will it impact the market?  To that end, we’re excited to share with you our most recent update to the DoubleVerify website – a video on our homepage that outlines how DoubleVerify is working with ad buyers and sellers to bring trust and accountability to online advertising and how additional trust and compliance will benefit all constituents.

31% of online advertising impressions are non-compliant.  Learn how DoubleVerify ensures that all ads online run as intended by:

  • Tracking ads in real time
  • Running all the code on pages ads appear
  • Taking screenshots of ads in action
  • Monitoring for fraud
  • Viewing pages from numerous geographical locations
  • Impersonating different types of users

 Watch the video to learn more about our capabilities. Enjoy!

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