Announcing our Partnership with Google Display Network and Google Ad Exchange

DoubleVerify is thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with the Google Display Network (GDN)and the Google Ad Exchange—we are now able to offer our industry-leading BrandAssure and Ad Assure monitoring for GDNinventory through the Google Ad Exchange. This is an important first step in expanding DoubleVerify’s ability to verify inventory purchased through automated exchanges, which guarantees brand safety for this ever growing part of the media-buying process.  Industry-wide,  we are seeing more and more online programs being set up, deployed and managed through automated buying platforms. This trend is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years. 

Automated buying platforms are not immune to non-compliance. DoubleVerify’s 2H2010 Trust Index—which analyzed over 150 Billion advertiser campaign impressions across advertising networks and platforms (agency trading desks, data service providers and ad exchanges) during the second half of 2010—showed that the percentage of average non-compliant incidents identified on bottom performing platforms can be as high as 25%. 

Automated buying relies on its Demand Side Platform (DSPs) and exchanges to purchase online media; however, if these sources are non-compliant, you cannot ensure that the impressions you are buying are quality impressions. Without the accountability, transparency and brand safety that comes with third-party verification, a media plan that is based on an automated buying solution is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain between it and its partners. 

As the affiliations and business relationships between agency trading desks, DSPs, ad exchanges and other stakeholders in the online advertising market evolve, the operational aspects and business processes needed for verification become more challenging.  The needs of this ecosystem require a solution built specifically to work in this automated buying environment—a robust, simple system that includes a pre-campaign review, integrated pre-bid solution, and post-campaign agency and brand reporting as well as provides an automated, fully integrated, and proactive brand-safety buying experience. 

This step by the Google Display Network, along with Invite Media’s inclusion as one of the top most compliant platform in our 2H2010 Trust Index, furthers their leadership position in ensuring that all impressions purchased directly or indirectly through an automated platform can be done so with the additional level of brand safety through third-party verification.  

As advertisers and agencies continue to embrace the notion of media verification and automated buying, platforms should pursue partners that allow them to meet their objectives, eliminate discrepancies and easily integrate with all stakeholders.

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