Breaking Through the Clouds Towering Over the Online Ad Space

Although the rapid growth of technology and expansion of networks and platforms has made reaching scale on an ad serve easier than ever before, many marketers find themselves missing one crucial element from the days of traditional media buying — insight.  In a marketplace characterized by lightning quick decisions and ever-changing engagement metrics, no advertising forum better represents the frenzied nature of our business than the real-time bidding (RTB) exchange.  While some media buyers have embraced the RTB-driven opportunity to purchase highly sought after inventory instantaneously, many wish to boost visibility for their ad spend to ensure ROI and conversions.

Industry media and pundits have referenced the fact that many marketers in the industry have reservations when purchasing through an RTB exchange — ad location and clutter are two primary issues. Can RTB exchange users confirm or verify where their ads appear on the page or if their brand messages show up alongside competing ads? While a traditional direct ad buy provides marketers with the confidence of knowing which sites their brand message will appear on, the faster and more commonly utilized RTB technology is accompanied by uncertainty around the physical location of an ad as well as the prevalence of competing ads on a page.  This begs the question, how can these marketers break through the cloudiness while continuing to serve ads efficiently through RTB exchanges?

We at DoubleVerify have always understood the importance of these metrics and are alleviating this issue of limited visibility. DoubleVerify’s AdAssure helps marketers ensure they are receiving maximum ROI from their campaigns and their IO is 100% compliant. AdAssure is a reporting solution that analyzes the entire scope of a brand campaign to keep advertisers confident that every impression was valuable and served as intended. Among other things, our technology allows marketers to track section targeting, above/below the fold placement, competitor exclusion and frequency of ad delivery.

With holistic verification and solutions like AdAssure, media buyers can gain key insights into the health of their brand campaigns and drive ROI through increased brand safety and impression value.

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