DoubleVerify Integrates with DoubleClick for Advertisers to Offer Custom Creative Templates

As our company continues to drive the online advertising industry forward by boosting brand integrity, campaign ROI and conversions, DoubleVerify always remains mindful of our clients’ time and resources when employing our solutions.  With the goal of improving partner convenience in mind, we are proud to announce the release of DoubleVerify’s DFA templates.  These custom templates are easily accessible through the DoubleClick for Advertisers platform and will simplify the implementation process for our OBA compliance solution as well as BrandAssure and AdAssure tags.

Since DoubleVerify’s BrandAssure, AdAssure, and OBA compliance product suites all share the same tag, the new templates will allow marketers to leverage our advertising solutions at scale and with greater efficiency than ever before.  Whether monitoring for non-compliance on your brand campaign with BrandAssure, using AdAssure to analyze the entire scope of your ad spend to ensure that every impression is served as intended, or providing trust to consumers and compliance to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) OBA Self-Regulatory Program through our OBA capabilities, the DoubleVerify DFA templates will ensure that you can save time while enhancing engagement for your marketing messages.

In order to have these new templates activated on your DFA network, please contact your DFA support representative.  To find out more about using DoubleVerify’s DFA templates, please contact Director of Sales Engineering & Platform Engineering Avi Levian.

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