Expand Your Data Capabilities with DoubleVerify

Access to data is power.  And making access to that powerful data is a big focus for us here at DoubleVerify.  With the latest release from DoubleVerify, now more data than ever before is in the hands of clients — and using that data is easier.

All DoubleVerify clients will notice that their current reports have been enhanced to help users focus on those campaigns that need the most attention.  This upgrade includes a look into the severity level in the Inappropriate Content Report, a totals column in the weekly summary reports and a glossary for all reports.

We’ve also made sure our reporting is as efficient as possible for networks, DSPs, SSPs and exchanges.  Now, all BrandAssure campaigns can be seen in a single report: the Network Compliance by Campaign Report — and the data can be sorted and filtered so users can access and retrieve the data they need as fast and easily as possible.

DoubleVerify agency clients can now enjoy the convenience of our single sign-on feature.  This means that for our agency customers who  work across multiple advertisers or lines of business, can easily view all their campaigns through one login.  Whew—we thought you might like that one!

For more information on these exciting new features, please contact your DoubleVerify Account Manager or Sales Representive—they’ll be more than happy to help.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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