Verification Beyond Display: Optimizing New Platforms

The benefits of verification in the online display ad marketplace are well-documented.  Among other things, digital media verification ensures that ads are not served on inappropriate sites or before unintended audiences not located in targeted geographic regions.  While the inclusion of verification has helped marketers get the most out of their campaigns, the standard verification solutions that have proven effective for display ads do not always suffice for brand messaging on alternative media channels such as mobile.

Each new platform is highly nuanced and the metrics that define brand safety and consumer engagement vary depending on the medium through which ads are presented.  The challenges posed by mobile marketing are complex and stretch beyond the brand protection and content classification issues present in display advertising.  When assessing mobile marketing, it is vital to ensure that ads are running on proper devices and that a variety of parameters can be verified.  More than determining if an ad accompanies “good” or “bad” content, robust mobile verification should measure device share and ad serving location (browser versus application).

As mass media consumption patterns change, so do the ways in which we measure them.  Just as television audience rating metrics did not seamlessly crossover into the digital space, online ad engagement analytics will need to adapt to fit emerging advertising platforms.  This marks an exciting period in the industry as the value of verification will shine through across the media spectrum.

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