DoubleVerify Leads the Pack in ABC Review of Verification Providers

The ABC released a report last week titled, Content Verification (CV) Technology ABC Interim Review: Securing a safer environment for online advertising—how far does CV technology deliver?  The goal of the report is to provide greater transparency to the industry in terms of the role played by CV technology in reducing the risk of misplaced advertising.  Specifically, the ABC tested to see the ability of various CV products to “block or report, in real time, the serving of an online ad onto destinations that have been defined in advance as inappropriate to a campaign”.

DoubleVerify eagerly participated in ABC’s review of CV technologies as one of the cornerstones of DoubleVerify’s business and mission is to provide greater transparency and accountability to the online advertising ecosystem at large.   We believe greater transparency and trust in online advertising will result in more quality brand environments, increased performance, and higher return on investment for all online advertising players.   We were extremely pleased to see that the ABC agrees with our mission—to quote from the report’s Executive Summary: “Trust is vital if the online advertising market is to reach its full potential…What the CV products have achieved to date has been groundbreaking and can rightly lay claim to helping to grow safer online ad placement.”

We encourage you to take a look at the ABC report to understand the methodology they used for testing and to learn more about how different CV products in market differ.  We are quite pleased with our results of the testing (see CV product #4 in the report – DoubleVerify’s technology shined above the rest!) and we welcome the opportunity to provide more insight to our customers and partners.

Thanks to the ABC for leading this important initiative!

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