DoubleVerify Attends Back to Back OMMA Events

The DoubleVerify team has been having a busy week attending back to back OMMA events. Today we are taking a deep dive into all things Data & Behavioral. With the idea that data is huge in 2012, “Big Data” as its now referred to will undoubtedly fuel the next great era in media and marketing. Now that collecting the data is no longer an issue, it’s figuring out what it means for your business that has become the bigger challenge.

DoubleVerify is not new to the OMMA Behavioral event and looks forward to attending again this year. Last year’s event was extremely thought provoking and we are eager to take part in discussions centered around behavioral targeting online as well as the trending topic of “Big Data” and how it relates to our business.

We hope to see lots of you there as we know this event will not disappoint!

For more information or to contact the DoubleVerify representative that will be in attendance at OMMA Data & Behavioral please send your requests directly to:

Lorenzo Moreno, Director of Sales (

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