IAB releases Ad Verification Guidelines & underscores the importance of verification

Yesterday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released their “Guidelines for the Conduct of Ad Verification.” These guidelines provide common standards and practices for all participants in the verification space, and represent an important milestone for the ad verification industry. DoubleVerify was pleased to participate in the development of the guidelines as part of our mission to bring transparency and accountability to all participants in the advertising ecosystem.

The verification guidelines highlight the integral part that see-through rate, or the ability to see through nested iFrames to accurately identify and verify an ad’s final destination, plays in a provider’s verification abilities. DoubleVerify has long been an industry leader in recognizing the implication of see-through rate to verification and our dual-verification methodology helps us achieve an average see-through rate of 96%. Additionally, the verification guidelines call out how verification is about more than brand safety, it includes five primary service lines:  site context, geo-targeting, ad placement, competitive separation and fraud detection.  DoubleVerify has been providing solutions to verify, monitor and remediate against these services lines for some time and per the report, we will continue to develop additional service lines to drive more accountability in advertising.

According to the IAB’s Executive Summary of the guidelines, “Consistent and transparent conduct of ad verification is critical for increasing trust in the industry and fostering continued growth of digital advertising.” We couldn’t agree more, and this has been our mission and focus since DoubleVerify’s inception.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners across the advertising ecosystem to build a trustworthy environment that ensures the highest accountability, ROI and performance on every impression.

To review the guidelines in more detail, please take a look at the IAB’s website, www.iab.net/ad_verification.

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