DoubleVerify Releases 2H 2011 Trust Index!

DoubleVerify is pleased to announce the fourth installment of the Trust Index! In this edition, we go beyond providing industry benchmarks and trends to delve deeper into what makes a verified impression so crucial to optimizing campaign delivery. Unlike past editions, we’ve added a great new feature which allows you to download and share all of the informative graphs right from the DoubleVerify website in a matter of minutes! Be sure to check them out.

Key points of interest include:

  • Blocking Protects – BrandShield blocking technology significantly reduces the number of high-severity incidents. It is no coincidence that the top five most compliant ad networks all accept BrandShield tags.
  • Remediation is Key – We show that when remediation occurs throughout the life of a campaign there is significant improvement in compliance rates beyond the results seen from just reporting.
  • The DoubleVerify Effect – The DoubleVerify Effect demonstrates that when media sellers are aware that campaigns are being verified, they perform better and show a reduction in noncompliance by 21% on average.
  • The Best Protection is Consistent Verification – It is not enough to verify a campaign for one quarter and then just walk away once noncompliance has dropped. It is crucial to keep verification on all buys, especially during the weeks surrounding the 4Q holiday shopping season. As traffic spikes around events like Cyber Monday, noncompliance jumps along with it.

We examine these case studies and trends as well as analyze the ad network and platform landscapes. Please enjoy our insights into the past two years of verified campaign data.

To download the full 2H 2011 Trust Index Report, click here.


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