The Need for Viewability

The theme of ad viewability seems to constantly be at the cornerstone of every conversation in the industry recently. Since Viewability is on everyone’s minds it is not surprising that more and more products are emerging to address the concerns of buyers and publishers. MediaPost’s Steve Smith explored this conversation further in a great article entitled, “Being Seen: Chasing Viewability”. The article highlights the change to a viewable impressions standard over a served impressions standard and the effect that can have on online ad campaigns.

As Smith notes, like other aspects of digital advertising viewability measurement is another way to try to gain accountability in the complex ad ecosystem, which has always been a mission of DoubleVerify’s. Smith goes on to state, “Viewable impressions are also an opportunity for the display industry to take more seriously a host of other issues about ad impact.” Our recently released product, AdView also helps address these other concerns such as time spent with an ad, page design and clutter which are all related issues.

As the discussion of viewability continues to be at the forefront of the minds of industry leaders, buyers, and publishers, DoubleVerify is proud to be addressing the needs and concerns of the market with our very own measurement platform. Learn more about how AdView can help you here.

To read MediaPost’s Steve Smith’s full article click here.

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