Our Company

Our Company

We want our industry to perform better, because when our industry performs better, we all benefit. At DV, we believe the key to making things better is transparency. We need more accountability between buyers and sellers. We need to communicate with each other more openly, more honestly, and more often.

As the leader in digital performance solutions since 2008, we’re in a good position to start the conversation. Our pioneering technologies have helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies gain the most value out of their media spend. We’ve created thousands of connections between buyers, sellers, agencies, publishers, and networks. The value of these connections goes far beyond a digital campaign. They’re the seeds of collaboration, conversation, and ultimately of positive change.

Our industry is evolving. And we’re evolving with it. It’s our choice – all of our choices – whether to tilt in the direction of transparency. We invite our partners, co-conspirators, and our favorite uncles to evolve right along with us. So get in touch. Join the conversation. Or stop by – we have a roomful of bagels every Friday morning. But don’t do it for us; do it for you. Together, let’s build a better industry.

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