Whether you are on the buy or sell side of digital media, you need reliable tools with flexibility to adapt to the changing demands in the digital landscape. DV Digital IQSM improves impression quality, enhances performance, and provides actionable insights at each critical point of decision: pre, mid or post-campaign.

Advertisers and Agencies

DV provides the power to increase your impact of each digital impression that you buy.  To protect your brand. To track and fine-tune your impression delivery. With complete media transparency and accountability. An experienced DV performance management consultant working 1-on-1 with your team. All supported with deep analysis informed by tens of billions validated impressions every month. That’s a lot of data to mine. And a lot of insight-rich recommendations for you.  Learn more.

Networks and Exchanges

Our flexible and reliable data platforms can readily integrate with your proprietary systems to deliver powerful, MRC-accredited decisioning. Dramatically improve the quality of your impression delivery, gain deeper transparency into your inventory sources and build greater insights into the decisions you make to maximize performance. Read more.


DV technology and solutions allow you to understand your inventory quality, viewability, and performance. Learn more.


Building a better industry is important to us. With leading initiatives with the IAB and MRC like 3MS (Making Measurement Make Sense), TOGI (Traffic of Good Intent) and QAG (Quality Assurance Guidelines), our mission is to deliver solutions to market that will drive transparency and accountability for digital media.  Learn more about our initiatives.