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Ensuring high quality, one impression at a time.

We get you. We understand the complexity of digital media buying and we’re here to help – as trusted partners, consultative problem-solvers, friendly advisors. We pride ourselves on delivering market-leading solutions to improve the impression quality of your media buy. When it comes to ad viewabilitybrand safety, fraud protection, and campaign performance, we’ve got you covered.  And with many data delivery options available, you can use our insights to fuel your media planning, in-flight for real-time optimizations, or post campaign as a monitoring tool.  Whether you buy media direct from publishers, through ad networks and exchanges, or with programmatic buying, we can help you increase your campaign performance.

Our unique market position as a third-party independent company means we’re unbiased when it comes to your data. Think of us as an extension of your team: brand champions who provide insights and guidance on your campaign performance. We’ll zero in on which media partners are delivering high results, so you can make real-time campaign optimizations. You’ll discover smarter ways to better leverage your data to fuel your attribution models.

We have years of experience working with agencies and leading Fortune 500 brands, experience that’s heightened our knowledge and honed our best practices. We know how to deliver results across verticals like financial services, telecom, consumer packaged goods, automotive, travel, and healthcare.

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