Networks & Exchanges

Uncovering the power of your inventory.

Gain transparency into your inventory sources and learn what works best for advertisers. Ensure ad viewability. Protect yourself against ad fraud. Understand which publisher partners are high performers. Reduce the transparency gap, and improve impression quality in programmatic buying. Power smarter decisioning.

We do all this and more. When you integrate our MRC-accredited data into your systems, you’re powering market-leading technologies to help you get on more media buys and deliver more effectively across your networks. Our pre-bid dynamic optimization strategies are tailored for programmatic buying. With the ability to parse complex iFrames, and our patent-pending dual-verification technology, we see the true URLs on nearly every buy. That means more transparency, increased brand safety, accuracy for impression delivery, and protection from fraudulent activity.

We strengthen partnerships with both the buy and sell side of digital media with the ultimate goal of increasing transparency and accountability to help build a better industry. From leading networks to SSPs, DSPs, exchanges and trading desks, DV technology is flexible to integrate and fit your needs.

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