Tens of billions of impressions that flow through the DV platform every month provide insight-rich MRC-accredited data, from which we generate valuable information on compelling digital-media trends. We share these insights with our clients and peers in an effort to promote transparency and build a better industry. Learn about advancements in campaign performance, current facts on ad technologies, insights on exchange inventory, and the latest advances against fraudulent activity.  Below is our most recent report on fraud.  


DV Fraud Lab Report:  We recently uncovered elaborate advertising fraud activity on over 1,200 suspected websites that are costing online advertisers an estimated $6.8 million per month. This massive fraud originated from user traffic on websites classified as copyright infringement. The ad impressions from this traffic were ‘laundered’ through a complex series of redirects that make the ads appear as though they originated on legitimate sites containing advertiser-friendly content. Further, the fraudulent ads use code hiding the ad creative from being displayed in the user’s browser, resulting in advertisers paying for impressions that are never seen.

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