Product Privacy Policy

Last updated December 22, 2014

DoubleVerify, Inc. (“DoubleVerify”) is the industry leader in providing transparency and accountability in online advertising. This Privacy Policy describes our practices in connection with information that we collect through the DoubleVerify products and services only. Our accredited technology platform provides an independent, third-party set of measurements about ad impression delivery and website traffic to help advertisers and advertising inventory sellers confirm accurate delivery characteristics, including brand safety, viewability metrics, contextual and environmental parameters (e.g., the website on which an ad appears, and where it appears on the webpage) and ad impression and website traffic quality characteristics, and to help ensure that advertisers and their partners are in compliance with their agreements, as applicable. Additionally, advertisers use information we provide about ad impression opportunities to preemptively decide if they want their creative displayed in the available impression environment. DoubleVerify collects this data about advertising delivery and website traffic on behalf of both advertisers and sellers and shares the information we collect to drive transparency and accountability in the online advertising marketplace.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of: (1) the types of information DoubleVerify may gather about you or your device when an advertisement that is analyzed by us is delivered to you on a website you are viewing or in an app you are using; and (2) and how we may use that information.

Collection and Use of Internet Data

DoubleVerify uses various technologies, described below, to collect information about online advertising and website traffic in order to deliver the following advertising transparency and accountability services to our advertising customers (collectively, “DoubleVerify Services”):

– Data reporting about the context in which advertisements are displayed and information about whether an ad being displayed is in compliance with: (1) the customer’s contractual terms; (2) the insertion order governing our customer’s campaign; and/or (3) profile settings our customer has established in our system.

– Preemptive decisioning of impression opportunities, meaning that DoubleVerify technology analyzes the available data characteristics of an impression opportunity and determines—using customer-established profile settings—whether the customer’s advertisement should be displayed or not.

– Delivery information about the viewability of online display advertising, including: (1) whether an advertisement meets certain criteria, set by industry standards boards and/or the client to be counted as a “Viewed Impression;” (2) how long the advertisement was displayed in the consumer’s browser; and (3) other key information about the display characteristics of the creative on the consumer’s browser.

– We may work (with our partners) to anonymously integrate advertising impression data with data that our partners independently collect to deliver enhanced ad measurement services such as augmented and aggregated audience demographic reporting of campaign impressions viewed or brand lift metrics.

– Website visitation characteristics including visitor quality, fraud identification and other quality characteristics necessary to determine agreement compliance.