Delivering accountable performance in a brand safe environment is critical to the growth of digital advertising. DV is the proven market innovator with the technology and insights that assure brand performance and effectiveness for the world’s largest advertisers online.

Impression Quality

DV Digital IQSM evaluates the quality and effectiveness of your campaigns, one impression at a time. The higher your impression quality, the better your ad campaign performs. DV Digital IQSM delivers the highest levels of performance across the important dimensions of your campaign:

Each impression only has one opportunity to make an impact.  DV Digital IQSM makes every impression count.

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Audience Quality

You spend countless hours planning your media campaign to reach your target audience, with little transparency into who was actually reached. DV Audience Quality solutions provide the ultimate accountability tools to validate that both direct and automated media placements are reaching their intended audience. Opt-in user data combined with MRC-accredited viewability data accurately evaluates the quality of the audience that your campaign is reaching and at what frequency.

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