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What’s Digital IQ?

Just like an IQ score is designed to assess your intelligence, DV Digital IQSM evaluates the quality of each impression in your digital ad campaign. The higher the impression quality, the better your ad campaign performs.

So what exactly makes up DV Digital IQSM? We start with ad viewability, combine MRC-accredited brand safety and fraud protection, measure impression delivery  and evaluate ad prominence to create a complete view of the quality and delivery of your campaign.

And when your campaign delivers a high IQ, the effectiveness, performance and integrity of your digital investment is assured.

DV digital IQ


Ad Viewability: Impressions viewed by placement, by partner, by channel, time spent, creative exposure, and industry benchmarks.

Brand Safety: Appropriate environments for your brand with real-time blocking controls.

Fraud Protection: From copyright infringement sites, bot fraud, impression laundering, hidden ads and more.

Ad Prominence: Preventing ad clutter, multiple ads, and ensuring competitive separation.

Impression Delivery:  Served within geo, on the right device (desktop, mobile, tablet) and with transparency into publisher buys (core site or audience extension network off-site)

Why does it matter?

Allocating media dollars to the inventory sources that reliably drive the highest quality and effectiveness increase your campaign performance without increasing your costs.  You’ll maximize your planning by knowing which partners deliver the best and then re-allocate impressions in-flight to optimize your performance.

High digital IQ reduces waste - makes media more effective

Tens of billions of impressions flow through the DV platform each month providing a robust set of measures to compare and benchmark against industry norms.

Learn how you can achieve high IQ for your digital campaigns.

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