Ad Viewability

Viewability is one of the most important advancements that the digital media industry is adopting.

DV viewability solutions take transparency to the next level, by measuring how your ads are being viewed, as well as where they are being delivered.

The DV viewability platform features key insights that give advertisers and inventory owners an edge, including benchmarks, so you can gain a relative comparison of how your campaign is performing against others in market, weekly trends to track if your optimization tactics are working, customizable view rates so you can tell which media partners are delivering the most effective inventory, and brand exposure duration time, so you can assess engagement.  Media sellers also gain valuable knowledge on how to better monetize their inventory and drive client performance through our viewability tools.

Benchmark display viewability rate by media property*



Our MRC-accredited viewability insights are packed with actionable information around performance. To better utilize all that data, a DV performance expert supports your team at every stage of your campaign. That means you get the most valuable insights exactly when you need them, including optimization opportunities that can enhance your buy in real time – when it counts the most.

We know it’s not enough to ensure ad viewability; it’s how you use the data that matters.

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