Evaluating quality across billions of impressions.

If you look underneath our hood, you will see a powerful technology platform that drives it all. DV powers market-leading solutions for ad viewability, fraud protection, ad verification, and performance management. DV patented dual verification technology (pixel + crawler) enables us to accurately measure an extremely high amount of impressions, including the most complex cross-domain iFrames.

The DV platform delivers scalable, dependable, easy-to-integrate solutions for both the buy and sell side of digital advertising to address market needs during pre, mid and post-campaigns.

DV Viewability Platform

MRC-accredited technology powers the most flexible solutions for ensuring ad viewability with actionable insights including industry benchmarks, weekly trends, placement data, brand exposure duration, custom view rate and more. Want our viewability data to power your analytics or attribution models?  No problem. Check out how we’re doing that for many of the leading companies in our industry and learn more about how it works.

DV Verification Platform

DV designed its ad verification platform to deliver high impression quality with an easy one-tag solution ensuring brand safety, fraud protection, preventing ad collision, assuring impression delivery within a specified geography, on appropriate devices by powering real-time blocking to manage your campaign requirements real-time.  Learn more about our platform.

DV Performance Management Platform

Powering campaign management with dedicated DV staff and powerful technology to alleviate the workload on your team and deliver campaign results that count.  Read more about how it can work for you.

DV Fraud Lab

The DV dedicated ad fraud lab combines technology and human insights to scour the internet to identify and eliminate fraudulent activity, saving advertisers millions of dollars from being spent on low quality inventory and protecting media sellers from the “bad actors” infiltrating their inventory. Learn more about how our team uncovers fraudulent activity on the web.