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DoubleVerify Earns MRC Accreditation for In-App Viewability, SIVT for Mobile Web/Desktop Traffic & DV Authentic Impression®

DoubleVerify March 30, 2017

MarTech Series covers the announcement that DoubleVerify received MRC accreditation for in-app viewability, SIVT for mobile web/desktop traffic and the DV Authentic Impression.

"After a very productive year in 2016 followed by a positive start in 2017, the Viewability Partner on Facebook—DoubleVerify has confirmed about its Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation. The digital media solutions provider received the MRC accreditation for mobile in-app viewability, its sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) processes for desktop and mobile web traffic, and the DV Authentic Impression®.

The accreditation of the DV Authentic Impression® will now allow DoubleVerify customers to use single metric for optimization and targeting of digital assets in advertisements. The DV Authentic Impression is a key performance indicator ensuring each ad impression is viewable, filtered for sophisticated invalid traffic, and meets the brand safety requirements of the campaign. The company also received continued accreditation for additional facets of its suite of impression quality solutions for desktop and mobile."

Read the full story here.

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