Innovation Update: Page Exceptions

Marketing December 19, 2019

Innovation Update

Page Exceptions: Unlock Scale and Reach on Premium Publishers

Aligned with our goal of protecting brand reputation while also supporting publisher yield, DV is announcing a page exception feature within our brand safety suite. Page exceptions let global advertisers override brand safety content classification on pages they designate - like homepages on premiums sites, providing an opportunity to significantly increase the scale and reach of their campaigns. While DV clients can currently override avoidance and custom categories at the site or app level using an exceptions list, this enhancement will allow for exceptions to be made for specific pages - such as publisher homepages, section homepages, or any pages that align with an advertiser’s preferences and performance goals. 

“We built page exceptions based on feedback from our clients - including both advertisers and publishers,” said Anna Zapesochini, VP of Brand Safety Products. “We want to empower advertisers to precisely control their brand safety preferences, and page exceptions is a great way to do that. The strategy can extend reach and scale on what are often considered to be high-value pages, and has the added benefit of driving additional yield for publishers.”

Publisher homepages are often considered premium placements and experience high traffic volume. However, since homepages (especially of news sites) include a variety of topics that change frequently based on evolving news cycles, they frequently trigger blocks - since one or more of the headlines may not match a brand’s suitability settings. However, the variety of topics and article abstracts aggregated on homepages makes them less associated with any specific piece of content - but rather with the publication itself. Adding homepages to the Page Exception List lets brands appear on these premium placements, significantly increasing scale and reach. 

Section homepages follow a similar pattern. While advertisers might want to avoid an article about sports-related violence, for example, they may be comfortable appearing on a Sports Section homepage - where their promotion wouldn’t be associated with any specific article. This same notion applies to Opinions, Politics, Entertainment, or Local News section homepages. 

This feature will also be invaluable to publishers, as it could open inventory for monetization that previously would have been avoided or blocked. This is especially important ahead of important news events, such as the 2020 election. Advertising, and the ability to monetize digital content, can directly impact publishers’ ability to provide in-depth, investigative journalism so critical to quality coverage and an informed electorate. 

DV’s new exceptions feature is applicable in both pre-bid as part of Authentic Brand Safety targeting, and post-bid across desktop web, mobile web, and enhanced app (post-bid only). 

The offering also includes a list of popular homepages and section homepages globally that can be used by clients to quickly implement and deploy.

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