DV Pinnacle

The industry's first unified Service and Performance Platform

DV Pinnacle simplifies your optimization decisions.

In-depth analysis and real-time visualization to drive your impression quality in one easy-to-use platform.

The definitive measure of digital media quality.

Authentic Impression®

Fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand-safe environment.

Pinnacle Performance

DV Pinnacle evaluates the quality of each impression delivered and the net result of each quality measure.

Pinnacle Performance pinpoints underperforming areas at the inventory source.

DV Pinnacle

  • For Advertisers + Agencies

    Pinnacle pinpoints optimization actions to drive the strongest ROI for your in-flight campaigns.

  • For Publishers + Networks

    Pinnacle helps you maximize inventory yield by delivering the highest quality reach to your clients.

  • For Platforms + Exchanges

    Pinnacle authenticates the quality of your pre-bid decisions with the transparency necessary for quality inventory control.

Pinnacle Blueprint

DV Pinnacle simplifies campaign setup to create brand profiles with ease, to manage lists and tags seamlessly, and to provide quality control.

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