Product Privacy Policy

Last updated December 22, 2014

DoubleVerify, Inc. (“DoubleVerify”) is the industry leader in providing transparency and accountability in online advertising. This Privacy Policy describes our practices in connection with information that we collect through the DoubleVerify products and services only. Our accredited technology platform provides an independent, third-party set of measurements about ad impression delivery and website traffic to help advertisers and advertising inventory sellers confirm accurate delivery characteristics, including brand safety, viewability metrics, contextual and environmental parameters (e.g., the website on which an ad appears, and where it appears on the webpage) and ad impression and website traffic quality characteristics, and to help ensure that advertisers and their partners are in compliance with their agreements, as applicable. Additionally, advertisers use information we provide about ad impression opportunities to preemptively decide if they want their creative displayed in the available impression environment. DoubleVerify collects this data about advertising delivery and website traffic on behalf of both advertisers and sellers and shares the information we collect to drive transparency and accountability in the online advertising marketplace.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of: (1) the types of information DoubleVerify may gather about you or your device when an advertisement that is analyzed by us is delivered to you on a website you are viewing or in an app you are using; and (2) and how we may use that information.

Collection and Use of Internet Data

DoubleVerify uses various technologies, described below, to collect information about online advertising and website traffic in order to deliver the following advertising transparency and accountability services to our advertising customers (collectively, “DoubleVerify Services”):

- Data reporting about the context in which advertisements are displayed and information about whether an ad being displayed is in compliance with: (1) the customer’s contractual terms; (2) the insertion order governing our customer’s campaign; and/or (3) profile settings our customer has established in our system.

- Preemptive decisioning of impression opportunities, meaning that DoubleVerify technology analyzes the available data characteristics of an impression opportunity and determines - using customer-established profile setting -- whether the customer’s advertisement should be displayed or not.

- Delivery information about the viewability of online display advertising, including: (1) whether an advertisement meets certain criteria, set by industry standards boards and/or the client to be counted as a “Viewed Impression;” (2) how long the advertisement was displayed in the consumer’s browser; and (3) other key information about the display characteristics of the creative on the consumer’s browser.

- We may work (with our partners) to anonymously integrate advertising impression data with data that our partners independently collect to deliver enhanced ad-measurement services such as augmented and aggregated audience demographic reporting of campaign impressions viewed or brand lift metrics.

- Website visitation characteristics including visitor quality, fraud identification and other quality characteristics necessary to determine agreement compliance.

DoubleVerify Services may use pixels and other similar technologies that can place a small piece of HTML code on a webpage to collect information about advertising impression opportunities and displayed ads or website traffic. The types of data we collect using this technology include:

- Standard HTTP header information including information such as IP address, Referring URL, User-Agent data (e.g., data that your browser transmits about itself when submitting an HTTP request) and other data including browser configuration parameters such as browser language and session storage and local storage settings, and characteristics of your device such as the CPU class and time zone setting.

- Information contained within an advertisement, known as an “Ad Tag,” that includes information used to identify the advertiser displaying the ad and the media property that sold the impression.

- Browser and computer environmental information necessary to determine the viewability of an advertisement, which includes information such as ad size, ad location in the browser viewport, size of the browser viewport, size of the display, application in focus, browser tab in focus, and other data.

DoubleVerify Services include the detection and elimination of Ad Impression Fraud, which is defined for purposes of this policy as the manipulation of ad serving, ad display or traffic activity such that ad impression measurements are incremented inappropriately because the ads cannot be viewed by a user, are not served within operationally viewable parameters or were displayed as a result of machine-generated traffic. Our fraud services are not intended to address fraud as defined by law or as conventionally used in legal proceedings in the United States, but rather to address “fraud” as defined herein strictly for advertising measurement purposes. DoubleVerify Services also include determining if advertisers and their partners are in compliance with their agreements.

For the purpose of identifying and preventing online Ad Impression Fraud and determining if advertisers and their partners are in compliance with their agreements, DoubleVerify Services utilize information collected in conjunction with the following additional technologies:

- Cookies that may be set by third party service providers executing a DoubleVerify pixel so that DoubleVerify can recognize the device.

- Device identification technology, which analyzes device parameters collected as described above, including IP address and browser header information, to probabilistically identify a particular device.

- Clickstream data including URLs and other data regarding the websites on which a particular browser has viewed advertising impressions we are analyzing.

This information is used to identify and prevent Ad Impression Fraud and to assess contract compliance by:

- Identifying specific ad impressions that are fraudulent due to being generated by bot-controlled, non-human browsers.

- Identifying websites and media properties that have fraudulent traffic and/or generate fraudulent advertising impressions.

- Identifying traffic patterns between websites participating in fraudulent advertising activity.

- Distinguishing between traffic generated by bot-controlled, non-human browsers and human browsers.

- Determining if website visitors are being delivered by partners in compliance with contractual terms.

Use of Collected Data

Except as otherwise stated herein, DoubleVerify does not share information collected about online advertising impressions except: (1) as is necessary to execute the DoubleVerify Services; (2) in aggregated formats for general corporate marketing and industry benchmarking; (3) for sharing with affiliates of DoubleVerify or service providers of DoubleVerify (where the service providers are required to use the information only to perform services for DoubleVerify); (4) as required by law or to comply with legal process; or (5) to a third party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of our business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings).

DoubleVerify uses advertising impression and website traffic information including IP address and browser header information to:

- Identify the geographic location of the user and determine if the user is located within the advertiser’s campaign or traffic settings.

- Determine if the browser is attempting to misrepresent its operating characteristics to prevent the identification of fraud.

- Determine if website traffic or ad impressions are originating from a server farm unlikely to be responsible for human-generated browsing activity.

- Determine if traffic is being acquired through fraud, or regarding or other traffic acquisition practices that are out of compliance with an advertiser’s guidelines or contractual requirements.

DoubleVerify shares collected information with our customers and partners to perform and deliver the advertising and traffic measurement services that we have been contracted to provide. The primary means by which we provide information to our customers is in aggregated reports or raw data feeds provided through the DoubleVerify Services, including but not limited to our customer dashboard. We may also provide our customers with information to identify website visitors that are bot-controlled, non-human browsers, which our customers can use to avoid delivering advertising to bot-controlled, non-human browsers. Additionally, for the delivery of some of our enhanced services that anonymously combine data we collect with information from third parties, DoubleVerify anonymously shares advertising impression quality and viewability information with those third parties.

We also provide aggregate data about advertising impressions and website traffic in our marketing and promotional materials.

Please note that because DoubleVerify is not an advertising company, we do not create or share non-fraudulent profiles.

Policy Changes

DoubleVerify may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time without the consent of users by providing advance notice on our Web site before implementing such modifications. Should you wish to be notified by email of material changes to this policy, please send correspondence to with “PRIVACY” in the subject line or to the following mailing address:

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